Nick Moses studied a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies (majoring in Digital Media) at the University of Wollongong. He comes from a performing arts background and has plenty of experience in public speaking and event coordination.

  • Skills:
    • Video Editing
    • Audio Editing
    • Event Management
    • Event Organisation
    • Social Media Management
      • Facebook Page, Youtube Channel
    • Advertising and Marketing
  • Projects:
    • Communications Research Project “Veganism”
    • Digital Media Project; exploring “Twitch” and “Live Streaming”
    • Communication Research Project “Spotify and the Music Industry”
    • Communication Research Project on “Affects of Mobile Phones on Concealing Emotions”
  • Works:
    • Multi-Modal Short film, “Thoughts in a Cracked Bottle”
    • Installation, “Tools of Creation”
    • Remoscope, “Here For Now”
    • Soundscape, “Untitled”