Nick Moses – Multimodal Artist

Nick Moses is a Multi-Modal Artist. His work incorporates elements of film, audio and spoken text. In 2017, he produced a work called “Thoughts in a Cracked Bottle”. This multimodal short film was the first of an art-style he plans to expand on in the not so distant future.

Nick Moses has a history in and appreciation for performing arts and film. His fascination with poetry led him to writing; writing led him to music, and then from music to soundscapes. Soon after this he began to look at the interaction between film and music specifically how sound affects emotion. As a musician, Nick Moses found this multimodal form of art the best way to express his work. By using film, audio and spoken text, Nick was able to evoke emotion from the audience by exploring common concepts in his work. Moreover, Nick is significantly influenced by the methods and practice of fellow media artistAaron Burton.

Throughout his work, Nick Moses explores facial expression, the anxious mind and the mechanics of problems. He tends to favour a hand-held filming technique to capture facial expression. Audio-wise, he uses instruments and homemade sounds in order to set the mood for the piece. As for poetry, Nick is a writer and selects excerpts from his written work that question the nature of what is being filmed. His writing is usually orientated around existentialism and the mechanics of creation.

Nick Moses’ work displays a certain amount of earnestness. The works themselves are genuine and sincere on a deep level, but on surface value they come across as satire and sarcastic. This contrast in honesty and sarcasm is a road Nick plans to investigate with his work. He will keep producing these multi-modal short films and he plans to showcase them as a series in installation form once they have been completed.

For more on information on Nick’s education and skills, visit his bio.



Author: nickanthonymoses

Multi-Modal Artist. Musician. Digital Media Professional. Event Coordinator.

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