#4 Thoughts in a Cracked Bottle

“Thoughts In A Cracked Bottle” is a piece that reflects on the anxious mind. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Tasks that seem simple are always more complicated when you look at the raw mechanics of them. This film captures the natural human instinct and thought process of attempting to solve everyday problems focusing on how we constantly think about ways to improve things.

I have a fascination with close ups and human expressions. I was inspired by close-up smoking videos and originally wanted to capture a close up of one of mate’s smoking with the narration and piano in the background. I really wanted to capture raw facial expression with one take. Jonathan Demmes‘ close up shots of Hannibal Lecter in “The Silence of the Lambs” intrigued me and I wanted to do something similar to capture the same intimate feeling.

The black and white influence in the piece was originally because I wanted to shoot a film noir style film. Immediately the album art on the arctic monkeys album “whatever people say I am, thats what Im not”popped into my mind. I feel like colour distracts the viewer from all the small facial details in the film.

The narration in this piece was inspired by Tom Wait’s “What’s he building”. Waits creates a scary feeling with the strange noises and deep raspy narration of someone building something. I took inspiration from the concept of building, creating and the thought process of innovation.

Moreover, this is a musically driven piece which was initially inspired by Elton John’s “Dream” sequences on his album “The Diving Board.” I respect instrumental music and I wanted it to feel like the character in my video was spiralling down in his thought process until he is in a state of the unknown as he awaits more knowledge.


Author: nickanthonymoses

Multi-Modal Artist. Musician. Digital Media Professional. Event Coordinator.

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