Nick Moses – Multimodal Artist

Nick Moses is a Multi-Modal Artist. His work incorporates elements of film, audio and spoken text. In 2017, he produced a work called “Thoughts in a Cracked Bottle”. This multimodal short film was the first of an art-style he plans to expand on in the not so distant future. Continue reading “Nick Moses – Multimodal Artist”


#4 Thoughts in a Cracked Bottle

“Thoughts In A Cracked Bottle” is a piece that reflects on the anxious mind. Nothing is as simple as it seems. Tasks that seem simple are always more complicated when you look at the raw mechanics of them. This film captures the natural human instinct and thought process of attempting to solve everyday problems focusing on how we constantly think about ways to improve things. Continue reading “#4 Thoughts in a Cracked Bottle”

#3 Untitled

The soundscape, “Untitled”, explores the unknown. It is the beginning of an unlikely journey where fear and excitement are always present. In this piece, I aimed to create an atmosphere which really seemed surreal and scary. However, not traditionally scary, but more so a fear of not knowing what will happen next. It is an eerie and freaky vibe that engages the audience. Continue reading “#3 Untitled”

#2 Here For Now


remoscope is essentially a short film that is silent and unedited. In making “Here For Now”, I took a slightly different approach to George Lyon’s “Where I’m From” and focused more on the transition period that comes with arriving in a new place. Music, nature and travelling have played a significant part in my life and I wanted to include them in one way or another.

I wanted to capture a lot of close-ups where you could really see the movement and texture of what was being filmed. I did a lot of experimental filming to work out how remoscopes work best and that’s how I arrived at the final product.

#1 “Tools of Creation”


This installation was a part of a project looking at the “nature of curiosity” and “wonderment”. It was as simple as a desk set up with a few basic objects on it. On the desk was a Hammer, Rubix Cube and a Coin Jar,  These objects, when touched, would make the corresponding noise. For example, if you picked up the hammer, the sound you would here is a loud banging sound. These tools represent destruction, creation, value, belief, faith, play, fun, innovation and problem-solving.